About Floris

Floris Van Den Hoed was born and bred in Amsterdam and declared even as a boy that he would one day become a world-class florist.

He graduated from Holland’s esteemed Wellant College, Floral Design School, in Aalsmeer (next door to the world's largest flower auction) and worked under one of Amsterdam’s finest florists before moving to London to further his career. He has since established his reputation as a young florist to watch and has built an impressive portfolio of personal and corporate clients and high-profile events across the UK.

Floris is intensely passionate about creative floristry. He holds his clients’ aesthetic vision in high regard and is known for his ability to listen closely and provide marvelous ideas to promote and enhance that vision.

He maintains a calm and gracious attitude under pressure and is an effective team leader.

Floris lives in London with his wife and three young sons.